Exploring Data availability in the Wild

The openEHR Conference 2023 Netherlands

Explore healthcare data availability, based on standards, with inspiring success stories, real-world clinical modeling, and cutting-edge technologies and innovations.

Join us on 17 November 2023 at Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem, Netherlands for the openEHR Conference, where novices and experts in the openEHR community come together for a unique and immersive exploration of data availability in the world of healthcare IT. This event celebrates the impactful transformation that openEHR brings to the industry, revolutionizing how healthcare data is managed and utilized. Our carefully curated tracks offer inspiring success stories of openEHR in action, taking you on a captivating journey through real-world clinical modeling, and showcasing the latest innovations driving change in openEHR based healthcare solutions.

Whether you’re new to openEHR or an experienced adopter, this conference has something to offer for everyone. Engage with experts and fellow enthusiasts in live demonstrations and hands-on experiences, gaining practical insights into how innovations are reshaping healthcare and empowering better patient-centric outcomes.

We aim to provide valuable knowledge, learning, and networking opportunities for all attendees, regardless of their level of expertise. Don’t miss this chance to unite, learn, and collaborate on shaping the future of healthcare data management with openEHR.

A captivating day at the zoo

Join for a captivating day at the zoo, uniting the international community! Engaging novices and experts alike, this event welcomes policy makers, clinical modellers, information analysts, enterprise architects, and software developers. Explore the transformative potential of openEHR in diverse settings, driving improved patient outcomes and streamlined healthcare data management. Don’t miss this opportunity to network, learn, and shape the future of healthcare together!

The conference program has the following three tracks:

  • [Policy & Impact] “Roaring Success Stories: openEHR in Action.”
    Discover inspiring success stories of openEHR revolutionizing healthcare data management, leading to improved patient outcomes. Join this track to be inspired by tangible transformations and learn from real-world success cases.

  • [Clinical & Modelling] “From Zoo to Clinic: A Journey through Real-World Clinical Modelling.”
    Embark on a captivating journey exploring the practical integration of openEHR through clinical modelling in diverse settings. Witness its adaptability and impact on patient care. Novices & experts, join us to learn how clinical modelling enhances healthcare delivery.

  • [Tech & Innovation] “Pioneering the Wild Frontier: Innovations in openEHR Healthcare Solutions.”
    Experience live showcases of cutting-edge openEHR technology. Engage with experts and gain practical insights into how innovations are reshaping healthcare. Join this track to be at the forefront of transformative healthcare solutions.

The entire program, with all presentations and speakers is now published.

Registration is now closed, all 235 seat are sold out!